Young Adults


Fire Young Adult ministries exists for just that reason…to fan the fire of God’s presence in the life of Young Adults.

Why Young Adults? It often can be the age of the ‘in-between.’  How do you keep the passion for serving God alive and well in your life while the challenges of life are constantly trying to quench it?


We believe by staying connected:

To God – through the Word, through passionate worship and a lifestyle of prayer

To one another – through fellowship

To the body of Christ – by serving in our local body and community with the gifts God has given us


The fire that was birthed in you at your calling will continue to propel you forward toward the upward call of God on your life.

We asked, “Why are you a part of Young Adult ministries?”


~ “To connect with others going through life’s challenges with me, to strengthen them and be strengthened by them in this journey together.” Candice P.


~ “Because it’s an opportunity to grow and walk and be challenged in my walk with the Lord and a chance to connect with and have relationship with other young adults and our leadership.” Corinna D.


~ “Because I realize how much I need to have Godly relationships with people my age to pray for each other and fellowship. There is unity and trust within the Young Adults that gives me a desire to draw close in my relationships with everyone.” Trevor L.


Bible study life group 1st & 3rd Sunday nights at 6:00pm

Events as posted.

Leaders: Aaron & Leslie Wantuch